Make Your Passion Your Paycheck

I am a strong believer in "loving what you do". I know first hand what it's like to work somewhere only to get a paycheck. I understand that sometimes responsibilities may come up and you may need that job to keep a float, but it's all about time management. Find a balance between the time you spend at work and use any extra time you have to think of a master escape plan! I remember looking at the Instagram pages of my cohorts who had started a successful business and thinking "if only I had started on my plan I could have been there by now" until one day I looked around and decided a change had to come and soon. I quit my retail job and started working toward bigger and better things, including Novateur Brand Architecture. Don't get me wrong, things didn't happen over night and there were times that I thought I had made a big mistake by quitting on a whim like that but I also knew that God had never steered me wrong before and knew he wouldn't start now. 


I now get to hear the dreams and schemes of others and help them mold that dream into something real and I love every second. If you have dreams and aspirations, go for them and put your all into it. I promise the outcome will be soooo worth it. Don't just sit around and hope for a better day, start planning and building for that day TODAY! 


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