Welcome to Novateur Brand Architecture!

If you've made it to the blog then you have already seen the "About Us" page and gotten some basic information that I'm sure you do not want another run down on, so let me just tell you a little more than what you already know! Novateur Brand Architecture, that's a mouthful, NBA for short, was created by two young brand ambassadors, in this case, architects, Tori Johnson and Saundra LaShay, who believe that a great marketing strategy and a strong brand are the heart of strong businesses.

The goal is simple, to turn hobbies into profits, I am pretty sure you've heard the saying, "Do what you love and love what you do",  and right now at the start of a new year, go for it. NBA encourages everyone to go for the stars and make your dreams happen! We want to be right there with you cheering you on and putting more money into your pockets. 

Like what you see so far? Let's talk business! Check out our Facebook and Twitter pages and set up a consultation today. Maybe you already have your business up and running and need some help on the social side or maybe you just have a seed that you want to plant, NBA can help you.